Who Am I Now?

Spring is officially here in the United States, at least according to the calendar. However, weather in many parts of the US would have us believe otherwise!  It was nice to finally feel some spring-like temperatures this past weekend here in New England.

So with the arrival of spring, even if we have had a long, cold winter, new life also emerges. Flowers and trees start budding, the grass begin to turn green, and squirrels and birds return. There is change and newness in the air… ah, the cycles of life. The winter hibernation brings forth new life full of opportunities and possibilities.

This is also the case with our grief. We must go inward to that place of stillness to feel and express the raw emotions that arise from the life changing experience of the death of a loved one. We are being transformed in this process and are now given the opportunity to choose to be who we are truly meant to be on this planet.

When I give talks, I refer to this as one of “The Hidden Gifts of Grief.”  Moving through the grief process allows you to drop the masks and labels and get clear about the most important thing in the world – YOU! Through the pain of this process, one of the many gifts is the ability to strip away those thoughts, feelings, patterns, and actions/behaviors that no longer serve you to step into your authentic self. Who are you now and how do you want to show up in the world? The choice is yours and the world is waiting!

Without the rain, we would not appreciate the sun; without the dark we would not appreciate the light; without the winter we would not appreciate the spring; and without the pain of our loss we would not appreciate the joy waiting to be uncovered. The season of grief… may you have the openness to allow yourself to grieve and to heal so that the new growth in your life can take root.

What action are you committed to take right now to move yourself along your continuum of healing and show up in all your greatness?

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