Kim is a warm, kind, and caring person who made my experience of discussing end-of-life issues so easy and effortless. Although thinking about how we want to live our lives in the end might not be something most people think about, her guidance helped me realize the importance of these decisions and navigated me through all of the many options.  She gave me vital information to help make well-informed choices to live the end of my life comfortably and with dignity. Kim knew that my goal was to make things easier for my loved ones, while still being able to have a voice in how I want things to be when I might not be able to do so myself. I would highly recommend her assistance in helping to lead anyone through this important process.
– Chris M, Natick, MA

Kim is a cherished coaching colleague whose heart-centered talents have been so beneficial to me. After the loss of my beloved mother for whom I had been serving as a caregiver, I turned to Kim for guidance and support. Kim helped me to make some immediate breathroughs so I can accept and understand the duration and the intensity of the storms of grief that I have been facing. For anyone at any stage of the journey of grief, I highly recommend that you connect with Kim so that you can reclaim and renew your life more powerfully with the gifts of wisdom that grief provides.
– Michael Bloom, Caregiver Coach

Kim Adams provided a wonderful presentation at our January 9th Lunch and Learn Lecture for seniors at our Needham Senior Center. Her presentation on Finding Hope and Joy in the Pain of Loss was informative and engaging. Kim had a nice way of connecting with the audience and provided an opportunity for our seniors to share their ideas and experiences of hope after loss. Thank you Kim for speaking and sharing on such an important topic!
– S.J., Associate Director, Needham Senior Center, Needham, MA

One of the things Kim worked with me on while my dad was dying of pancreatic cancer was focusing on what was important to my family and I. For me that meant creating a strategy for our family to have a hard conversation with my mom. Kim is very caring and empathetic, and allowed me the space to make the decisions that were best for me without any judgment. During this difficult time, it was nice to have someone with Kim’s skills and compassion there to support, encourage, and follow up with me. I highly recommend her services if you or a loved one has a terminal illness.
– Monica W, Executive Assistant, Oakland, CA

I worked with Kim recently, and the biggest thing I was dealing with was what I would call “abject fear.” It really threw me, threw off my whole routine, and I reached out to her. She was so calming, and helped me by giving me actual “tools” that I was able to use to get myself back to a better place. Thank goodness for Kim! She is wonderful to work with — she is both kind and strong at the same time. I highly recommend working with her.
– Hilary Weber, Founder of Opportu, San Francisco, CA

Kim gave me a consulting session so that I could experience her life coaching process from an insiders point of view or client’s perspective (I was considering a life coach career). Her warm, intuitive, perceptive, and astute counseling process and expertise helped me to solidify my decision. During our session I realized that life coaching would be an elegant and cohesive career for me against the backdrop of my educational background in nursing and cultural anthropology, professional expertise as an adjunct community college professor and cultural anthropologist/hospice consultant, and personal experience with cross-cultural caregiving, end-of life, and bereavement issues (I was a caregiver for my beloved husband of 34 years who died of a brain tumor in 2007). Because of her warm and gifted life coaching skills, keen intuition, and thorough knowledge of end-of-life issues, I recommend Kim as a life coach without reservation.
– Patricia Johnston, RN, M.A. Cultural Anthropologist/ Hospice Consultant

Kim has that rare, fresh way of perceptively listening from the heart. She is genuinely attentive and interested in noticing the spark of truth and passion that so often we cannot hear for ourselves and helping us claim it. Her positive style gently, firmly nudges you into taking action on your own behalf, offering the support of accountability to help you stay on the path to your chosen destiny. She is easy to trust and more importantly, her affirming client centered style allows you to engage more clearly in trusting yourself.
-Starr Potts, Life’s Dream Transformational Coach and Psychotherapist

As someone that works within the medical community, I highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants a heart-centered Life Coach! She is passionate about working with people diagnosed with a terminal illness; assisting them in creating their best life with the time they have left. Kim has the ability to listen fully to her clients hearing not only the words they are saying but also the emotional context for what they are saying. She asks powerful questions that allow her clients to see new perspectives and opportunities and gently, but firmly holds clients accountable to take action. With her calming presence and genuine, caring attitude, clients will easily trust and have confidence in Kim’s abilities.
– Heidi C, Registered Respiratory Therapist & Neonatal Pediatric Specialist

I’ve known Kim both personally and professionally for over 15 years. She is extremely competent, compassionate and a great listener. You’ll be very pleased you chose to work with her – as I was!
– Marcia G. Blair, Holistic Counselor