Seeing with New Eyes

I was walking around my neighborhood this past week on roads that I’ve driven on many times in the past. What is remarkable to me was all the things I noticed when walking that I hadn’t paid attention to when driving. Beautiful houses mixed in with ones falling off foundations, flowers growing among tall grass not mowed, beautifully manicured lawns, looking down side streets not possible to do while driving to see beautiful houses and foliage. Wow, my perspective of this landscape was quite different!

This shift got me thinking about how we can see things differently when we slow down and view them from a different lens. What would it look like if our focus was from a slightly different angle? How would things shift? How might we approach moving forward? What is it teaching us?

In our grief, feelings of overwhelm are very common especially early on. So, how do we honor our feelings without being consumed by them? The grief process is individualized and we need to be mindful of neither rushing through it nor staying stuck. How might a call with a friend or a walk in nature help to shift your thoughts or feelings?

Being mindful that there are other ways of viewing a situation can get us out of a stuck place, provide glimpses of joy, and help with clarity as to next steps.

There are countless outcomes to looking at a situation, in this case our grief, with new eyes that will support us on our journey forward. Acknowledge where you are and be open to the possibility that there is something far greater than the pain you are experiencing. Just take a breath and allow that in…

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