My Birthday Reflections

Last Thursday was my birthday. So, on the eve of turning 48, my thoughts shifted to the passing of another year. One thought I had was that 48 times I have passed the day of my birth as well as the day of my death.

What an interesting thought — yes, with each passing year we all cross over the month and day that our physicality will no longer be. Will it be a chilly winter night? a spring day with birds chirping and the sun shining brightly? the early morning pre-dawn hours of summer? It is a mystery to each of us until it happens.

The same could be said for our grief when a loved one dies. How will I respond? What will I feel? How will I go on? Who is there to support me? As much as we don’t know the day of our death, we also don’t know the depth of our grief.

I see some parallels about how we can live our life now and how we can also move through the inevitable pain from grief. Here are a few:
– Show up fully
– Be who you are and honor yourself
– Cherish the journey
– Feel gratitude & joy each day
– Live, love and laugh
– Remember to breathe

We get to choose every day. I plan to embrace these during both the ups and downs of life, when life flows easily and when I am in the midst of pain from loss. Some days may be harder than others and just remember that what we give our energy to, grows.

So, how do you want to show up?

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