Hidden Gifts of Grief from Hurricane Sandy

Here on the East coast we have just experienced an event of gigantic magnitude for many people. Hurricane Sandy came ashore on the banks of NJ and NY bringing with her gallons of ocean water, sand, rain, and high winds. Lives were lost, homes destroyed, power remains out in many places, and water continues to flood many streets, homes and businesses.

Yet, amid the devastation, we see on the television people in their grief vowing to rebuild their cities and their lives. It has only been 4 days since Sandy moved through and already some are seeing the hidden gifts of their grief. Through the pain of the loss of life and the loss of personal property, a beacon of light is shining through.

When we are shaken to our core whether through a death or a natural disaster such as Sandy, we have choices: a choice to stay in the space of feeling stuck in the why, what ifs, and I can’t go on mentality OR a choice to allow the emotions we feel to move through us and begin to take baby steps forward into our new reality.

Experiences such as Sandy open our hearts to what is important to us and through the pain show us the way to both give and receive support, generosity, help, compassion, connection, surrender, love, openness, and appreciation for ourselves and others. These are some of the hidden gifts of grief. What would you add to the list? I would love to hear your thoughts…

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