Have The Courage To..

Well, it’s official…. after 6 months of coaching part-time I took the leap and will now be coaching women (and families) with advanced cancer on a full-time basis. My official email launch went out this week and the support has been overwhelming.

It took a bit (well more than a bit) of courage to send out an email to about 150 friends and family letting them know what I was doing.  What if I get too many clients? What if clients don’t like me? What if people say I won’t make any money? What if, what if, what if?

I quickly made a conscious decision that any answers to that unanswerable question (is that even a word?) were not important to me. Those “what if” questions were coming from fear and that was not acceptable to me. Those fear-based thoughts were not going to be in charge.

My courage came from a place of power and knowledge that the reason I am on this planet is to support and be present with people at the end of their life.  This crystal clear understanding of my life purpose helped me have the courage to move fully into action.

Where are you not fully stepping in to your power?  Take a moment and look at all the areas of your life — self-care, intimate and social relationships, family, career/work, spirituality, money, fun and enjoyment.  Now write down where you are limiting the full expression of who you are in one or more of those areas. Don’t judge yourself, as this is neither good nor bad, only an opportunity to see where you can take action to make changes if you choose.

Just for today…. have the courage to take an action step in one of the areas you identified to become who it is that you truly are at your core.  Not who you think you should be,  who someone else wants you to be, or who you think others want you to be.  This is about being who you really are. Taking even one small step toward that will change your energy…

You are a unique, loving individual — so be who you are because everyone else is taken!

Leave me a comment about what courageous act you did!


Live Fully,


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