Your Grief Journey

As a result of the deep, intense emotions and feelings that may occur with the death of a loved one, you may feel out of control, like you are going crazy. You are not… you are experiencing grief. It is normal and natural to have those feelings.

Healing from grief is the process of going through- not over, around, or under it. The wound to your heart will fade as you heal and re-learn how to experience peace, joy, laughter, and gratitude in your life once again.

I can assist you in your grief journey by:

  • listening deeply and understanding the loss you have suffered
  • guiding you to move forward into a ‘new normal’
  • supporting you with tools to move through your grief
  • supporting you as you get back into the game of life

I believe that no matter how much pain you are in, there is something more POWERFUL within YOU than the pain.  Emotions are energy in motion and need to be released. Think of the job of the valve on a pressure cooker. It allows out stream so things don’t explode.  There is no difference with us – we need to let the steam out so we don’t explode!

Working together, you can learn to H.E.A.L and get back into the game of life again. Let me support you through this process of your healing journey. We begin by honoring the place you are in right now, identifying the obstacles in your way, and finding ways to begin to slowly move forward.

With YOU in the driver’s seat and me at your side supporting and holding you accountable to what is important to YOU, amazing things can occur.  Death is a natural part of the life cycle and grief is the result of loving someone who has died.  You can ease the pain and move on with the life you are meant to live!

My coaching style is one of compassion, deep listening coupled with gentle but firm accountability.  I want only the best for you and will challenge you to be and do your best!

Let’s get started!  Contact me today to begin to create the life YOU want. The power is in your hands!