Flowing in the River of Life

I was outside last week having some quiet time near a small stream close to my apartment. As I stood silently on the small bridge over the stream, I was drawn to watching the water flow on both sides of the bridge. There were large rocks, small rocks, leaves, and some small tree branches all in the stream bed as the water flowed faster in some parts and slower in others. My thoughts immediately turned to the flow of our lives. What a great metaphor this stream was showing me.

As I observed the rocks, some were sticking out of the water yet the water continued to flow around them. They were strong and provided a landing space for leaves and other small twigs. Even among the areas where the space was tight, the water weaved its way and trickled through, never stopping the flow. The water picked up again with the current when it had the chance.
One side of the bridge had few rocks and obstacles so the current was flowing pretty well. On the other side there were some rocks slowing the current down and then further ahead the water appeared to be almost still.

As I stood there, these questions came to mind and they may be helpful for you:
– How well do you flow in the river of life?
– Where in your life or your grief are you allowing obstacles to become road blocks and cutting off the flow even if it may be a trickle? How can you flow around them?
– Who are the ‘rocks’ or the anchors for you, the safe space you can gently land and hold on to in times of need as the flow of life continues around you?
– How much of your life are you living in the rapids and how much are you living among the calm, peaceful waters?

As we head into the new season of Fall here in the northern hemisphere, what a great opportunity to check in with yourself about how you are navigating the flow of your life and what changes/additions you might want to make to flow even better. It’s always your choice!

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