What is Coaching?
Coaching moves you from where you are now forward with action items and accountability for what it is that YOU want to accomplish. It helps you release emotions, clarify your goals/dreams/desires, break them down into small, achievable steps and clear any blocks that may be in the way. That means it is YOUR AGENDA!   I am trained to listen at a very deep level to what you say and ask you questions in order to assist you in moving forward. My role is to help you see and release those blocks that are holding you back from being your best self, the Powerful YOU!

How is Coaching Different From Therapy, Consulting or Mentoring?
Therapy or counseling tends to focus on past issues and tries to figure out “WHY” emotional trauma happened.  Coaches operate on the basis that you are not broken and therefore you do not need to be fixed so we focus on “HOW” you want to move forward from the present. You are consciously choosing to look at and improve areas that aren’t working for you.

Consulting involves assessing a problem, offering solutions and then stepping back. Coaches do not see problems, only opportunities!  We don’t offer solutions or advice because all the answers lie within you. We partner and stay with you to assist you in removing any blocks, uncovering all those answers, and taking action to move forward.

Mentoring is about ‘showing you the way to do it’ based on others’ experience. Coaching does not involve telling you what or how to do something. This is your agenda, not the coach’s. The coach’s role is to help you strengthen your skills and flex your courage muscle to obtain YOUR goals.

What About Confidentiality?
One of the highest and most important coaching ethics that I abide by is confidentiality. All conversations between us are confidential unless you are at serious risk to harm yourself or others.  In such cases, you would be told of my need to inform someone.

How Do I Get Started?
Contact me so we can see how we can work together.