Endings are New Beginnings

Labor Day is right around the corner and we all know what that means — the summer is over, kids are heading back to school, the weather is about to change, fourth quarter goals kick into gear, etc. In some ways things are ending… and in terms of the school year, things are beginning. Oh, the paradox of life — as one thing ends, another begins; as one door closes, another opens.

Many times we get stuck in the endings longing for “one more day.” I’d like to offer that it is our egos that don’t want the changes. We like the status quo, the routine, the structure. However, we all know that the only constant in life is change! Therefore, let’s also bring our heart and intuition into the equation!

So how would your life be different if you could trust that opportunities lie on the other side of the ending? How would things be if you could truly embrace the feelings of loss with the endings and move into the space of openness for what is to come?

I offer these questions as a way to start thinking about all that you are and your fully unlimited potential. Start with gratitude for that which you have right now and for the ability to be open to all that will unfold. Experience your life in the present tense staying open to all the possibilities that haven’t yet been revealed. On the other side of the ‘loss’ are great opportunities. We just need to open those new doors.

Wishing you many new beginnings…

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