Are You a Participant or By-Stander?

Have you noticed lately how fast the days are going by?  In the blink of an eye 3 months has elapsed!  I’m now living back on the east coast and getting re-connected with the Boston area one day at a time.

Life keeps marching on either with us or without us. Summer has turned into Fall in New England with crisp mornings and beautiful foliage.  Soon we will turn our attention inward as many will hibernate for the winter after the harvest of gathering. Whether we realize it or not, our lives follow the seasons and circle of life just like every other living thing.  How are you living your life given this?  What are you postponing until someday?  We frequently get caught off guard when someone dies because we say we thought we had more time.

Well, my friends the truth is none of us knows how much time we have on this earth so I challenge you to live fully right NOW.  That looks different for each one of us and the challenge is to dig deep within yourself to explore what that means for you. Then start living that purposeful and joyful life that you are here to live!

Are you a participant or a by-stander in your life?  You get to choose!


Live Fully,


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